Hmm $8 wine that is 3 days old = one way ticket to hangover land. . .I hope they serve chex mix there

by aquagnome22

The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything.  Its late, i’m somewhat buzzed from wine. . .and people need to freaking grow up.

In other news, I interviewed/signed up to finish my dive master program.  Its a quasi long story but here are the highlights.

1. I have a sh*tload to do to finish my dive master certification

2. I’m really excited to be in a new dive family. 

3. I don’t have to finish this certification to dive.  In fact I could quit right now and still be a more accomplished diver than most people who enter the sport.  However, I need to finish this certification for me.  I need to move beyond my past and start diving for me again.  Its the one thing I won’t let be taken from me.  Even though the class I’m now signed up for may kill me.  It may kill me because up until approximately 1pm today, I thought I had one class to go.  And as it turns out, I pretty much have an entire certification course to complete.   More on this later. . .

I’m watching Sex in the City right now. . .I love Samatha right now, though I’m really more of a Miranda meets Charlotte who wants the paycheck of Samantha.  Does that make any sense?