What would you do?

by aquagnome22

Hey everyone, have you adopted your African child yet?  Because as you know you can’t be considered “in” this fall without your small dog, an oversized purse, a Bentley, and a African child.   I just don’t get it.  I’m not knocking the concept of adopting a child, I’m against the influx of celebs picking up children like they are the new designer must-have.  Oh I know “Alexa how could you be so cruel to say something like that” but seriously.  Oh and if Madonna is so into her new child why did a nanny go pick him up for that horrendously long flight back to the UK?  Eh?   

I did something yesterday that I have been putting off for the last two months.  I finally contacted a new dive shop and hope to finish up my certification and continue diving.  I am literally one class away from finishing my Dive Master certification.  This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but diving is one of the few things that I’m truly passionate about (you know besides KFC biscuits and cable tv).  It was something I enjoyed prior to college and became completely batsh*t crazy obsessed with over the past two years.  But during those past two years diving was also something I shared with someone that I thought I was spending the rest of my life with, it was practically our life.  Well that thought on life is now null and void, but my passion for diving is still there (though I have tried to suffocate it, pretended it didn’t exist, and worked very hard to block any memory of its existence over the past few months).  My gear has been locked away in a closet in my apartment that I literally haven’t opened since my gear was returned to me.  I had my tanks filled, I made sure my gear was dry and clean, and then I packed it away.   There have even been moments where I wanted to either set fire to that closet or just put all my gear up for sale because then I wouldn’t have to know that it was sitting there unused and mocking me.  I told my Dad I was afraid I wouldn’t dive again and wondered if I should put the gear up for sale.  He actually told me to quit being stupid and to start diving again.  Because really, why should I stop enjoying diving?  Why should I let the actions of another ruin what I enjoy? Right?  

This past weekend while running on Alki I ran into a group of Boy Scouts who were suiting up for their first Open Water classes.  I talked to their instructor and watched them make their way out to the dive flags set in 15ft of water off shore (skills are done in around 15 ft of water).  What is fun about the 15-18 age group is that they are much more resilient to the weather, current, and the fact that you are probably coercing them to just get into the water and be good little students.   Adults typically see through your “selective truths” and call you out on your BS.  I realized in watching these kids that I really missed diving.  Do I miss freezing my arse off every single weekend sitting in 15ft of murky water to teach? No.  I do miss helping with classes though, and hopefully I can find a sane balance between being a dive master and diving for enjoyment.   

Oh and here is a question for all of you.  What would you do if you pull up your company’s website and find a  “NOW HIRING” next to your position.  Would you freak out?  You see my review is tomorrow and I’m a bit freaked out.